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Instrumental Capabilities

Product Development

When Harmac is brought into a project at the product development phase, our team of product design engineers and manufacturing engineers are able to:

  • Integrate customer knowledge with their own expertise.
  • Refine and evolve your product.
  • Assure it will be used as intended by the end user.

In the concept phase, Harmac's experience with a wide range of materials helps identify the long-term impact of material selection, addressing concerns of manufacturability, available processing technologies, and sterilization. Because Harmac is six-sigma process capable, we have set ourselves apart from our competition for quality and reliability.

Our experienced product development engineers can supplement customer design during the product development stage, or provide complete engineering services to support conceptual project assignments.

At Harmac, our commitment is to build in quality from product inception throughout the product lifecycle. We know the decisions made at the earliest stage can affect:

  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Cost
  • Reliability