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Sustainability Program

Harmac Medical Products is committed to pursue and achieve ongoing sustainability goals supporting the environment, the safety and wellness of our employees and the communities in which we work.

Environmental Policy

Sustainability Goals for 2018

  • Implement composting program and reduce "Sharps" waste by 5% in Buffalo, NY
  • Reduce energy consumption by 5% by reviewing thermal efficiency and lifespan of existing boiler and investigate alternative energy available for heating the building in Castlerea, Ireland.

Improvements Implemented

  • Energy Reduction
  • Water Use Reduction
  • Waste Reduction
  • Workforce Wellness
  • Workforce Injury / Illness Reduction
  • Community Investment


  • Converted 1 of 3 clean rooms to LED lighting in Buffalo, NY in 2017
  • Reduced cost of electricity per unit of sales by 33.6% in Castlerea, Ireland in 2017
  • Increased plastic recycling to 46% in Buffalo, NY in 2016
  • Reduced energy consumption by 5% in Castlerea, Ireland in 2016
  • 15% reduction in cost of electricity per unit of sales in Castlerea, Ireland in 2015
  • Achieved ISO 14001 certification at Harmac HQ in Buffalo, NY
  • Replace street lights adjacent to facility with LED versions in coordination with the Town of Castlerea to decrease power usage. October 2013
  • Utilize hydroelectric generated power for 10% of our needs at Harmac HQ in Buffalo, NY. September 2012
  • Donate new fitness center to the Town of Castlerea for use by our employees and the town residents. June 2012
  • 14001 certified in our Castlerea, Ireland facility. November 2011