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Water Use Reduction

  • Replaced toilets with low-flow models
  • Replaced urinals with water-free models
  • Replaced faucets with automatic on/off valves
  • Designed and installed a bioswale to control and treat surface water run-off

Waste Reduction

  • Implemented cardboard, plastics, paper, batteries, fluorescent bulbs and printer cartridge recycling systems
  • Installed high efficiency hand driers in bathrooms eliminating the use of paper towels
  • Recycled 85% of plant waste via material segregation program to minimize impact of emission to the environment since program initiation in 2008 - Castlerea Ireland
  • Increased education of recycling via Recycling Process Flow Charts
  • Removed Halon fire suppression system, reclaiming over 800 lbs of Halon
  • Improved chemical mixing/storage to mitigate environmental damage in invent of spill