Community Impact

Advocating for Our Community.

Harmac’s vision is to change the lives of the patients, employees and communities in which we work. We partner with area businesses, organizations and municipalities to make a difference in our neighbors’ everyday lives. Each of our facilities has unique cultures, customs and opportunities to engage with its community. We seek to go beyond charitable donations and volunteer work, and instead look for opportunities to take leadership roles in improving the places we call home. Here are just some of the ways we’re making a difference:

Buffalo, New York, USA

The Bailey Green Initiative

The Bailey Green Initiative was created in 2008 when we chose to remain in a highly impoverished neighborhood instead of relocating after realizing that 25% of our 400 Buffalo employees lived in the zip code. Our goal was to bring stability and opportunity to the neighborhood. We became a community leader, including a promise to stabilize our neighborhood and transform it by providing affordable housing, safer streets, green space and job opportunities.

  • 150 trees planted and 4 acres of green space created.
  • Partnered with University at Buffalo’s School of Architecture and Planning to create a master plan for the neighborhood
  • Partnered with Habitat for Humanity to support building houses. 14 have been built
  • Partnered with The Buffalo Peacemakers who have played a huge role in improving safety and establishing credibility among the residents
  • Supported GroundWorks Garden who have converted 2.5 acres of abandoned land into a successful, organic certified farm growing fresh vegetables, providing a CSA program and supplying 10 restaurants
  • Supporting Westminster Economic Initiative’s (WEDI) new East Side office to provide micro-financing and business development to support for immigrants and inner-city entrepreneurs

Bailey Green has since welcomed dozens of partners, each making our community healthier, safer and more enjoyable. Accomplishments like these have strengthened our neighborhood’s fabric, and we’re committed to play our role in making them a reality.

Castlerea, Ireland

Harmac's Irish facility is based in Castlerea, County Roscommon and is the largest employer in the area. Harmac is proud to call Castlerea home. To best serve this community we:

  • Partner with our local community to bring improvements to the area. Two partnerships that we are proud to have been part of include the redevelopment of our local park 'Somers Park' and 'The Castlerea Enterprise Hub'. The park includes a beautiful walking trail, playground and outdoor exercise equipment and is a wonderful amenity for the people of Castlerea. 'The Hub' is a mixed-use building which includes a chef training school, Montessori, sports facilities and office space.
  • Engage with and support local charities. Each year Harmac partners with a local charity. Harmac employees love to get involved in fundraising activities and we are delighted to be able to give something back to our local community in this way.
  • Collaborate with Schools, Colleges and Universities. Here at Harmac we pride ourselves on being a learning organization. Each year, we are proud to partner with local Schools, Colleges and Universities providing support and opportunities to encourage continued learning and growth.

Tijuana, Mexico

Harmac's Tijuana facility is located in the city’s industrial park. In this community, we have:

  • Supported a community organization dedicated to caring for the elderly who have no local family members
  • Created an annual event to honor the community’s mothers, who are held in very high esteem within their culture
  • Formed a volunteering committee for employees who want to give back
  • Donated funds to help the homeless population
  • Helped with local school repairs