Packaging & Sterilization

Ready for Market:

To ensure medical devices are safe and sterile when they reach patients, we advise customers on a wide range of packaging materials and solutions to maintain product integrity. We have extensive experience in re-designing packaging for specific products, with an eye towards cost reduction, and collaborate with leading thermoforming companies and sterilization suppliers as part of our fully integrated, end-to-end service.

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How We Help:

  • Comprehensive Packaging Experience

    • Sterile Barrier Packaging w/ Finished Device Labeling
    • High-Speed, Fully Automated Solutions
    • Pouch Seal
    • Tray Seal
    • Form Fill Seal
    • Bulk Packaging
  • Packaging Testing and Validation

    • Tensile
    • Burst
    • Seal Integrity
    • Transportation
    • Age
  • Sterilization Methods

    • Ethylene Oxide (ETO)
    • Gamma Radiation
    • Electron-Beam (E-Beam)
  • Device Labeling Services

    • Label Design
    • Label Production
    • Barcoding
    • Logo Placement
    • Printing