Tooling & Automation

Medical Device Tooling. Getting The Right Pieces In Place:

We have structured our business model into one that grows in tandem with the success of our customers' products. Our skilled technicians and automation engineers work with our product development team to design, develop and manufacture flexible, proprietary semi-automated and automated equipment as demand increases for a product line.

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How We Help:

  • Tooling Design Proficiency

    • Across our global sites, our workshops contain custom production and fabrication centers. Here we develop proprietary tooling and automation to provide customers with higher product quality while reducing overall development time and labor costs.
    • Our designers, technicians and toolmakers collaborate with customers on automation to achieve production goals and improve metrics like speed, repeatability, flexibility and economics, conforming to regulatory requirements at all times.
    • Using the same proprietary tooling and automation in multiple geographies minimizes variation for our global customers, reducing supply chain risks and delivering lower costs.
  • Integrated Services

    • Harmac’s services vary widely from project to project, depending on production volume, device complexity, materials, and end-use application. Upfront attention to tooling and automation focuses on minimizing/eliminating variables that can impact product quality, increase costs or slow down time to market.
    • Many of our work cells benefit from complex robotic automation and vision systems, while others benefit from simple ergonomic fixtures to streamline a manual step in the manufacturing process.
    • Automation allows Harmac to deliver consistent results from sample to sample, batch to batch, and most critically, patient to patient. In-house automation applications range from component handling to manufacturing processes to final packaging.
  • Injection Molding Design

    • Harmac collaborates with some of the world’s leading injection mold manufacturers and toolmakers for feedback on concept assessment and design performance.
    • We scrutinize designs upfront to engineer the most efficient solutions that will optimize the amount of materials and/or components in a medical device, lowering costs and accelerating time to market.
    • Our strategic relationships with mold manufacturers ensure a smooth design process, where we oversee compliance to your exact specifications. A streamlined and shortened supply chain reduces costs and potentially eliminates expensive design pitfalls.
  • Automation

    • Our experience has proven that even small up-front changes in design will make a large impact on automated work cell complexity and robustness. Our customers benefit from the expertise gained from the medical devices manufactured previously.
    • Our clean room production areas use lean manufacturing and modular, automated transport systems to optimize workflow and flexible production lines, while reducing factory footprints.
    • When it comes to high value and life-sustaining products, our automation solutions eliminate the possibility of error, ensuring that exceptional quality is integrated into our customers' products.